Movie Review




Title: IO

Release date: January 18, 2019

Length: 1hr 30min



Hello everyone, I have decided to give it a go at movie reviews. For my first movie that I am reviewing is drum role please *cue drumroll* IO. So this movie has a pretty cliche plot I felt like but it was about how humans basically destroyed and intoxicated the Earth. Now instead of taking place from space and being about how the humans adapted in space. This was about a girl named Sam and how she still lived on Earth carrying on her dad’s research. Until one day she learns that there is only one last space shuttle leaving to IO. So she has the task of trying to get to the last space shuttle in time.

Non-Spoiler Review

So, to start off the review on a positive note, one thing I liked was how it was based on Earth. I feel like most movie where humans intoxicate Earth it is from like the space point of view instead of earth. I liked how this movie was based on earth and we could see how it became and what it looked like. It was also interesting to see how the main character Sam lived on earth and tried to survive. So sadly, that was all I really liked about the movie. Oh! and I also found it cool how Sam used a flame to see if the air was breathable.

So the main issue I had with this movie was that I was often confused. I was confused on how it was breathable in some parts of the earth but not others. I would think that the whole air would of been intoxicated but that was not the case and I was confused why. The ending was also confusing to me. I am not quite sure what happened. The ending just felt kind of abrupt in a way and didn’t really conclude things. It ended in like an image and what seemed like the main character reading a note. I also wasn’t sure if Sam made it to the shuttle or not. So overall confusing ending, not a plus.

Another issue I had was with the “love interest” if he can even be called that, because it just like happened. There was no chemistry brewing between the two whatsoever and I was just like “why is this happening.” Now no age is really given for the two but to me, it looked like there was a notice age gap between them. To me the main character Sam looked between 16-18 while Micah(the guy) looked between 20-25. So when things started getting heated between the two I was a little put off to say. The main character also said something like “this needs to happen” and I was just confused because like why did it need to happen. So yeah, not a fan of the “love interest.”

Lastly, overall this movie just fell flat for me. In the whole like hour and few minutes that this movie took, it felt like nothing was happening. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t exit out of this and watch something else. It just felt super anti-climatic and boring. I mean there was like less than 10 minutes left and nothing. happened. tenor

So yeah, overall not a good movie and I do not recommend watching it. It was boring and super anti-climatic and it was a poor delivery. This movie I feel could of had so much potential and could of been really great, sadly however, it was not.


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