Stranger Things Book Tag

IMG_4452.jpegCalling all lovers of Stranger Things! I am such a big fan of Stranger Things like Mileven all the way!!! So when I came across this tag on abooknerdreads blog.I  just knew I had to do it. So you guys should totally go check out the one she did here. So, without further ado, let the tag begin before the demogorgon comes for us all.

Epic Intro: a book that grabbed your attention on the first page.

A book that captivated me on the first page was What If It’s Us by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera. I read the first page at the end of Leah on the Offbeat and I just had this feeling that I’m going to love this book(which I did) and that was all within reading the first page. It didn’t necessarily grab my attention in a way where I was like omg this is going to be such an epic way I’m never putting this book down. But more in a I know this is going to be such a cute read I must read this asap.

Dungeons and Dragons: a fantasy world you would like to experience yourself

So the obvious and most basic choice would be Hogwarts. See, usually I would put that but I’m in the mood to mix things up. So I’m going to chose Prythian post war. More specifically I would want to either live in the Night Court or my own court, the Day Court.

Squad Goals: name your favorite bookish friends

I feel like the a basic answer would be the Inner Circle because who doesn’t love them all. But I am going to chose a non-basic answer and say Simon, Bram, Leah, Abby, and Nick from Simon vs. The HomoSapiens Agenda and Leah on the Offbeat. I love this group of friends and during the whole book I just wished I was friends with them.

ABC’s and Christmas Lights: favorite mentally unhinged character

Hmm I have to think about this. Okay so I don’t know if this character counts but I’m going to say Warner. I mean he isn’t mentally unhinged per say but lets just say he does have some issues…

The Upside Down: book that was opposite of what you expected

So for this one I think I’m going to chose My Sister’s Keeper. So this book swept me by surprise. I did not think I was going to read it. I was given it to read by someone I know and because I had to give it back to them in a certain amount of days, I decided to read it. This book isn’t exactly my cup of tea but oh my gosh I loved it. I expected it to go in this completely different direction and the ending just took me by surprise.

Mad Scientist: name the freakiest government you can think of

I’ve read a few dystopian books in my days and I have read about some weird governments. One that strikes as not necessarily the freakiest but definitely the most messed up is the government in The Hunger Games. Like seriously, what government makes kids kill kids.


Demogorgon: scary book creature that you would not want to go through your walls

Is there really any hesitation to this question? Like hello, Dementors can stay the freak away from me and my house. Like under no circumstances do I want those creepy creatures near me. I ain’t about the getting my soul sucked out of me life

Cliffhanger Ending: book that left you wanting more


Sarah J. Maas I’m looking at you tenor.gif

The ending of Empire of Storm left me just I don’t even know how to put this in words. Empty? Heartbroken? All around destroyed? Like I just need so much more after that ending. Can Kingdom of Ash please get here sooner. I’m terrified to read it but I just need to know that everyone is going to be okay(even though we all know thats only a dream and so not going to happen).


So that is the end of the tag, hope you didn’t hate it. Let me all know, for those who have watched it, who your favorite character is. And if you haven’t watched it, I recommend you do 🙂



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