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The Selection|Series Review

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I just finished The Selection series for the first time and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. I did not think I was going to like this book but I flew through this series, I just couldn’t put it down! It’s literally The Bachelor in a book(that’s probably a reason why I loved it so much lol)! So instead of doing a review on just the first book, I thought it would be cool to do like a whole series review.

What I think I am going to do is this, I think I’ll do a very mini review for each book and then so a whole series review.


The Selection:

The Elite:

The One:

The Heir:

The Crown:

Book One: The Selection15818308

I flew through this book. I think I finished in about a day, I just couldn’t put it down. I wasn’t a fan of the beginning because I just wanted her to get to the palace so I wasn’t that interested in her life before the palace. In a way it kind of sucked that I already knew she was going to get picked so it sort of took out the suspense of that part of the book but I know there was no way around it so it wasn’t a huge bother. I love America as a character. I think she is an awesome main character. When she and Mason first met and had that little encounter, I honestly couldn’t help but chuckle. I love how throughout this book America stayed true to herself and I know it’s just the first book but it was nice to see how the court didn’t really change her in this book. Once I finished this book I was onto the next!

Book Two: The Elite16248068.jpg

I didn’t love this book as much as the first. However I felt it was more edge of the seat than the first one. The stakes in this book were much higher and also America was being a butt so I think that contributed to it. I didn’t love America in this book because she was starting to retreat from Maxon and her feelings for him and I was really frustrated with her for it. The main plot of this book I felt was how America is split between her feelings for Aspen and Maxon. I got frustrated many times in this book but it was like a good frustrated. The tension that built up in this book between Maxon and America frustrated me but it just made me fly faster through the book because I just wanted to get to the end where I know it would be okay.

Book Three: The One 18635016.jpg

I still really enjoyed this book but I felt it didn’t have the same excitement as the other two books had. I didn’t fly through this book as I did the others because I feel like it fell short. In the first half of the book along with the others the rebels didn’t seem like they were that big of a deal and that they were sort of just there. But that changed in the end however I don’t like how the author did it. It felt rushed to me and I feel like Cass was like I have to do something with the rebels and make them seem significant plus I have to wrap up the story and that led to how she ended it. Loved the Epilogue, thought it was cute.

Book Four: The Heir22918050.jpg

This should of been a spinoff series, I do not think this should be considered apart of The Selection series. So this was my least favorite out of all the books. I did not like Eadlyn. She was such a brat in this book and she only thought about herself. I can understand how growing up like she did would contribute to that personality but I just didn’t think it would be like that with America and Maxon as her parents. Even though she wasn’t a fan of going through her own selection, she should of given it a chance. Instead she devised ways to doom it and just didn’t even try and that really bothered me. She did get a bit better toward the end of the book which gives me hope for the next book that I’ll warm up to her. The ending left me wanting the next book which was good and I think its one of the reasons I picked up the next book. I loved seeing America and Maxon as parents, it was probably my favorite part of this book!

Book Five: The Crown32711700._SY475_.jpg

A solid ending to the series. I super ship who Eadlyn ends up with and I love the little twist that it provides. Though I am still not a fan of Eadlyn I do think she has some character growth in this book. Like The One I felt the ending was a bit rushed and I wished everything didn’t happen so fast. I felt like at the end of The Heir Eadlyn was coming around to the idea of her finding someone in the selection so I was expecting some more romance. However that didn’t happen and that left me a little disappointed. I definitely wish there was so some romance infused into this book especially with only 6 guys left in the selection. Honestly, I think there was even less romance in this book which is kind of hard to believe because there really wasn’t any romance in The Heir to begin with.

The Selection Series

I really enjoyed this series! I think its definitely become a favorite of mine even though I don’t love the last two books. Thew writing wasn’t spectacular but it wasn’t bad either. I loved America as a character even though at times she was quite frustrating. I love Mason so much and he has my heart. I do not like Eadlyn, she is a spoiled brat and even though in The Crown she starts to have some growth, I don’t think it was much to make a big difference in how I see her as a character. Also, these covers are just gorgeous, I absolutely love them all!!



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