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Its already the end of July which is just crazy, this summer has definitely gone by fast, along with the year. Its crazy how time flies by but at some times it feels like it goes by so slow.

Since its mid way through the year and the lovely  Ash tagged me to do this tag, I was like why not do it. Thank you Ash for tagging me for this tag 🙂

This tag was originally created by ReadLikeWildfire and Earl Grey Books. So without hesitation, onto the tag!

1. Best Book You’ve Read So Far

I would say the best book so far that I have read this year is The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. If you didn’t already know, this has become one of my new all time favorites. I loved the writing style, the character depths and all the symbolism included in this book. I really loved the plot of this story too. Not only was there the main plot, but there was also all the sub-plots that were just as complex and developed, maybe a little less as the main plot line.

If you want to check out my review click here.

2. Best Sequel You’ve Read So Far This Year

I would say the best sequel I’ve read is Escaping from Houdini by Kerri Maniscalco. It was a bit hard choosing a book because the few five stars I have read I have really loved but I decided to choose Escaping from Houdini because I really loved the plot and the mystery along with the writing style and the characters. If you haven’t read this series yet, I highly recommend that you do!

3. New Release You Haven’t Read Yet But Really Want To

Im so behind on new release because I’ve been on a book ban. However the one that I really want to get to is Red Scrolls of Magic by Cassandra Clare. I just bought this before I left for camp so when I get back I’m hoping to read it!

4. Most Anticipated Release for Second Half of the Year

Um there really aren’t that much books that are being published in the second half that I’m excited for(wow that sentence was a mouthful lol). However there are a few that I’m looking forward to and those are Kingdom of Souls by Rena Barron, The Beautiful by Renée Ahdieh, and The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern.

5. Biggest Disappointment of the Year

I’ve read a few things that turned out to be 3 stars but I read one book that just turned out to be such a huge disappointment that I gave it 2 stars. That book was Prisoner of Silk by Lidiya Foxglove. Where do I begin with this book. It was pitched as a sort of Marie Antoinette and Rapunzel mashup. But I didn’t get the Marie Antoinette aspect which made me sad because I was really looking forward to that aspect. Someone needs to put up a missing poster sign because the plot was MIA. There were other issues I had with this book but I really don’t want to turn this into a rant so I’m just going to cut it here.

6. Biggest Surprise

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon is probably the book that took me by surprise. I did not think I was going to enjoy it as much as I did. I loved the plot line of this story and thought it was so complex but in a good way. The world building is just wow like I’m so excited to see it be developed even more in the second and third and all the other books in the series.

7. Favorite New Author(Debut or New to You)

I’m going to go with the author Ali Dean. I’ve read three books by her so far and I have about two more at the moment that I need to read and I’ve enjoyed all of them so far. They aren’t 5 star reads but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them. I like the stories she writes and I think its unique how they are all sports based. I’m looking forward to read more of her books in the future.

8. Newest Fictional Crush

This year, I have come to love the one and only Thomas Cresswell. I love him so freaking much and I am so excited to read the novella about him!

9. Newest Favorite Character

Um lets see, um I’m not really sure who my newest favorite character is. I think I’m going to skip this question because I really don’t think I have a newest favorite fictional character. Well actually I’ll just go with Audrey Rose because I finished all the published books this year and I really love her.

10. Book That Made You Cry

So far I have read no book that has made me cry. I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing or a good thing aha.

11. Book That Made You Happy

The Distance Between Us by Kasie West was such a nice and lighthearted contemporary book and I read it so fast. It definitely made me happy in the end.

12. Most Beautiful Book You’ve Bought or Received This Year

I think Finale by Stephanie Garber is the most beautiful book I’ve bought this year. But I also don’t have my bookshelf in front of me so I’m not 100% sure what other books I’ve bought and what their cover looks like but I do know for sure Finale has a gorgeous cover.

13. What Book Do You Need To Read by the End of the Year

All the books that have been sent to me to review!!! Being at camp as made me really behind on this and its little stressful but I keep telling myself that I have the whole rest of the year ahead of me to read them.

14. Favorite Book Community Member

I don’t think I can choose a specific book community member that is my favorite. I have met so many amazing and nice people in this book community that there is no way I could every choose a favorite. Thank you to everyone who follows, likes, and reads my blog posts and show their support, you all are amazingggg!!

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Seven Things I Like In A Book|Book Tag

I was tagged by Georgia(whatsinmywonderland) to share 7 things that I like in a book

1) Pretty Chapter Headers

I loooooooove it when books have pretty chapter headers. The Wicked King has some A+ chapter headers along with Ever the Brave!

2) Maps

I mean, who doesn’t love a good map. I love being able to see where the character(s) are and how far they are traveling and whatnot. Plus they are always really pretty, like is there even a book that doesn’t have a pretty map??

3) Strong Friendships

I love when characters have a strong friendship. I feel like for some books, the parts that make me laugh the most are when the main character is interacting with their friend(s). The friend group in Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda is one of my favorites!

4) Good Family Relationship

I love a book where the character has a good relationship with their family. I feel like a a good amount of YA books don’t have the good family relationship and its refreshing to see a book have it.

5) Art

I absolutely looove it when a book has art included in it. Sometimes(okay most of the time) I suck a picturing characters in my head so having art included in the book and seeing someone else interpretation of the characters just helps me. Plus it adds a little something extra to the book

6) Epilogues

I am a big fan of epilogues. I love getting just a little bit more of the characters before I end the book and seeing what they are up to and where they are in the future. Plus they prolong the book so yay for that!

7) Deckled Edges

Okay technically this isn’t really in a book its something a book has but we are just gonna let it slide. Deckled edges I feel like you either hate them or love them and I am on the love them side. I love how they make a book look like a book from the olden days(in my opinion). I also love running my thumb over them and how they feel. Plus I think they just look nice and give the book a little something more.

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