May Wrap-Up|2020

May was not the reading month I hoped it would be. I read 5 books which isn’t too bad, but it feels like I read way less. So, onto the 5 books I read last month!

Becoming Brianna by Terri Libensom

This was the first book I read and I finished it all in one night. It follows Brianna as she studies for her bat mitzvah while also navigating school and friends. I could relate to Brianna as a character because I too had a bat mitzvah and I remember feeling things similar to the Brianna. I gave this 3.5 stars.

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Brazen Steele by Ali Dean

This book was a bit of a miss for me. It didn’t do anything for me and I felt like it didn’t add anything to the story. I gave this 2 stars.

Leave Me Breathless by Jodi Ellen Malpas

I enjoyed this but I think it was too long. The plot just felt dragged out and I think the author could of shortened the book. I did enjoy the romance in this book and the characters. I found the ending to be okay, I think the author tried to make this book something that it wasn’t, but I didn’t mind the little mystery it provided. I gave this 3 stars.

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

I loved this book! There is definitely a lot of hype surrounding this book so I was a bit nervous going into it, but I am so happy I loved it! I loved the enemies to lovers trope in this book, I thought it was well done! Josh and Lucy are great characters and their relationship development throughout the book was well done. I gave this 5 stars.

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S.T.A.G.S by M.A Bennett

This was the last book I read this month and I’m sad that I didn’t enjoy it. The writing style was the main issue for me, I almost considered DNFing the book because of it. I just couldn’t connect to it and it was making it a struggle for me to read the book. But the mystery of the plot is what kept me interested and reading. I was torn between giving this 2.75 and 3 stars but went with 3 stars because I was intrigued by the plot.

So those were the books I read in May! Some were good, others not so much, but thats just the way it goes.

How many books did you read in May? Which one was your favorite? Lets talk in the comments!

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