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Brazen Rush|Book Review

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51116584._SY475_Title: Brazen Rush

Author: Ali Dean

Genre: Sports, Contemporary Romance

Rating: ★.5

Synopsis: Jordan Slattery is a skateboarding phenom, but no one’s heard of her. That is, until she starts college in California, and heads begin to turn each time she hits the skateparks. She tries to avoid the attention, waking at the crack of dawn to ride before anyone else arrives. That plan backfires when none other than Beckett Steele, skateboarding world champion, shows up at the same park with the same plan to avoid the crowds. Too bad his initial interest in her disappears when he realizes she’s only seventeen to his twenty-five. When Beckett’s best friend discovers Jordan on his own and wants to offer her the opportunity of a lifetime, Jordan finds herself considering a future she never imagined. She never wanted to get pulled into the world of sponsorships, competitions, and social media frenzy. But is she willing to sacrifice her obscurity if it means having Beckett Steele in her life?

Disclaimer: I received a free copy from the author to review but all thoughts are my own

Spoiler Free Review

This book was…okay. I found the first half of the book better than the second half. We follow Jordan who just started her first year at college. Jordan has one love, skateboarding and when a video of her doing it goes public, slowly her life starts to change.

Jordan was an alright main character. I didn’t hate her but I also didn’t love her. She felt very one dimensional, the only thing I really know about her is she loves to skateboard and is inexperienced when it comes to boys. Being that this is a series, I am hoping to see more growth in her as a character in the upcoming books.

Beckett is the other point of view in the book and I did not like him. He is very unfair to Jordan throughout the book, always being hot and cold with her. Jordan deserves better than him and I hope in the next books she realizes this.

A big issue I had with this book is the age difference between Beck and Jordan. I  know the age gap is stated in the synopsis but I didn’t read it so I was caught a bit off guard when I found out. Nevertheless I did not like the age gap and what happens between them left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth.

Looking back at some of Dean’s earlier books, I can see that the writing has improved since then. Sentences just flow easier and she is starting to ever so slowly drift away from telling not showing emotions and how the character is feeling.

Overall this book was a quick read and I felt like I just mindlessly read through it. I’ll probably read the second book in the series just out of curiosity but I will go into it with low expectations.


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