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Hey guys, Friday Favorites is hosted by Lorraine over at Geeky Galaxy. And this tag is just a fun way to share some of your favorite things every Friday 🙂

Hello everybody, hope you are all staying safe! Its been awhile since I’ve done a Friday Favorite, I’ve been bad at remembering to do them🙈 but hopefully with nothing much to do I will start to remember! Now, onto my favorite villains…

Captain Hook from Peter Pan

Peter Pan is my favorite Disney movie and Captain Hook just became one of my favorite villains. I used to use a hanger as my “hook” when I was little. If we are going to go off looks though, Killian from Once Upon A Time obviously wins aha, I will pass on the handlebar mustache of the OG Hook lol.

The Darkling from Shadow and Bone

Before I go any further I just want to say, I am not a fan of the Darkling. You might now be thinking to yourself, “then why Macy is he on this list?” Well, though I do not like him, I appreciate him as a villain. I mean the whole thing in King of Scars, A+ villain move right there lol.

Jacks from Caraval

Strangely I wasn’t a huge fan of him in the second book but the third book is where I started to like him. Its weird I know because we got more of him in the second book than the third but thats just what happened. Before I came around to Legend I shipped Tella and Jacks(please tell me I am not the only one🙈), I just, I know he’s a Fate and whatever but I sorta was shipping them. Anyways, I am getting off topic here, back to the scheduled program.

The Phantom from Phantom of the Opera

I am not one to “fall” for the villain but the Phantom, man he just captured my heart. I was so mad that Christine choose Roul over him, never did I want someone to end up with the villain more than in this movie. The Phantom is definitely one I wouldn’t mind overlooking all the murders to be with. Also, no, its not because he is played by Gerald Butler, I honestly don’t find him that good looking, I don’t know if anyone does but I just wanted to say that incase people thought that is why I like the Phantom.

So there it is, all my favorite villains. Who are some of your favorite villains?

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