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In Restless Dreams|Book Review

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Title: In Restless Dreams50341729._SY475_

Author: Wren Handman

Pages: 293


Synopsis: Sylvia is just a normal girl with huge, normal problems – her mother’s attempted suicide; how to adjust to life on the Upper East Side; trying to make friends in a rich prep school where she doesn’t belong; whether or not to trust the cute boy with the dangerous eyes. She thinks that’s more than she can handle, but she tests the limits of her endurance when she learns that she is the long awaited Phantasmer, a human who can change the fabric of Fairy simply by believing in a new story. Sylvia’s life is thrown off course as two warring Courts, the Seelie and Unseelie, both attempt to co-opt her gift to fight the other Court, which she has to deal with while trying not to get kicked out of school for fighting. And it doesn’t help matters that the fairies begging for her help are both attractive young men – with their own agendas.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book to review but all thoughts are my own

Spoiler Free Review

In Restless Dreams is about a girl, Slyvia, who moves with her brother to her dad’s house in New York after an incident with her mom. There she joins a new school and adjusts to living in a new place. When she goes to her first party there, she comes across a man she named The Stranger. While conversing with The Stranger, another man appears who she names The Knight. Slyvia believes this is all a trick of the drugs she had been tricked into taking. That is, until she realizes it isn’t, that she is something much greater. 

This book felt too short for me. It was only 19 chapters plus an epilogue and prologue and I think it needed to be more. Because it was a short book, everything felt rushed and not completely fleshed out. The book felt like an abridged version of a book. I wanted to get more of faerie, more insight on the seelie versus unseelie and who the fae are, and just more depth from the characters. Everything felt rushed, especially the ending, and I still have some questions about the world and what exactly is a Phantasmer and how do they get their power? 

The prologue mentions this old woman in a cottage. While I was reading the book I kept waiting for her to pop up, to know who she is and what her role is in the story. She doesn’t pop up, there is not one mention of her. I personally think the prologue isn’t needed and that instead it maybe should have been Phantasmer related. And this is the first book in a series so I am assuming the old woman will pop up in the next book, but I feel like because she wasn’t in this book, the prologue should not be included. The epilogue is just as confusing as the prologue and I think I get what the author was trying to do, add some mystery to the plot and to keep the reader wondering so they continue the series. I think the author missed the mark on this and it just puts me off a bit.  

Sylvia is our main character and I liked her. When she learns she is the Phantasmer she wants to take time to think, to make sure the changes she makes are well thought out. I appreciate that ant that she cared for the fae living in Faerie. Not that any of the characters weren’t one dimensional, out of all of them, she was the most developed character. 

All the characters in the book felt one dimensional. I don’t know if that would have changed with the book being longer, it could just be how the author writes and develops characters. But I like to think had the author wrote more and given more space for character development that the characters wouldn’t be so one dimensional. 

Although we don’t get to see much of it, I liked the Faerie world. I loved how the author described it and how she gave that contrat of how Sylvia views the real world and faerie. The author does a good job of describing the fae as well, I could definitely picture them! I wish we got more of faerie because I liked how the author describes it and I would have liked to see/read more of it. 

The plot was enjoyable and interesting. It took a little while for it to come in, for a while I was wondering if there was going to be any fantasy element in it at all. The ending is rushed but I think it leaves off on an interesting note and the set up for the sequel is good, definitely leaves you wondering. 



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