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Sons of Fire|Book Review

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Title: Sons of Fire43248506

Author: Tracy Auerbach

Rating: ★.5

Synopsis: When Keegan’s father, the Demon King of Fire, attempted to produce an heir, a surge of light energy interrupted the process. One tiny piece of the newly forming demon broke off. That piece is Keegan. For years, he has attempted to lay low, watching from the shadows while his monstrous brother Aidan, the true Prince of Fire, is groomed for the throne.

Keegan’s shaky status quo is shattered when one of his father’s power-plays goes horribly wrong. He is cast to Earth and forced to work with a suddenly powerless Aidan. The two brothers must cooperate to complete an impossible task and avoid being cast forever into the abyss. As if having to spend time with his beastly other half wasn’t bad enough, Keegan must adapt to living on Earth, wielding his new human vessel, and dealing with his demonic appetite without harming the human creatures for whom he has always cared.

As Keegan and Aidan work to save themselves, questions arise. What exactly was the King of Fire up to, that sparked their Master’s interest enough to cast them from the Demon Realm? Can Aidan be trusted in his new human form, complete with emotions, or is he the same unfeeling creature he’s always been? And why are so many demons suddenly invested in the outcome of the brothers’ trial? The only thing Keegan knows for certain is that whether he succeeds or fails at the task, the consequences for the Demon Realm and for Earth itself will be catastrophic.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher but all thoughts are my own

Spoiler Free Review

I enjoyed this book. In the beginning it was hard for me to get into but once the plot got moving and I got to know the characters I started to enjoy it more. I think the characters are what made me really enjoy this book and if it wasn’t for them I might not have liked it as much.

Keegan is such a bean and deserves so much. All his life he has been overshadowed by his brother and often belittled by their father. Keegan didn’t exactly seem to have a character arc/growth but if there was one it was greatly overshadowed by Aidan’s. I thought Keegan was very one dimensional as a character and I would of liked to see the author give Keegan’s character as much attention as she did Aidan. Throughout the book Keegan deals with hunger of being a demon and I think this was the only real development so to say that Auerbach gave to Keegan and even then I felt like it was underdeveloped.

Aidan on the other hand, wow his character growth just smacks ya right in the face while also blind-sighting you. Yes, I am aware that is probably confusing, let me explain as much as I can without spoiling. Throughout the book it is clear to see the character growth Aidan has in his human form, this mostly has to do with him being able to feel emotions now. But as the book comes close to the end, things happen that make you doubt Aidan’s growth as a character but more events happen that may change that. So while the character growth is pretty obvious, there are also parts that aren’t. My favorite part of this book was watching Aidan, a former demon, experience and learn about being human.

The main plot of this is that Aidan and Keegan needing to complete the task that got them send down to Earth. I felt like this was missing from the book. I felt that so little of the book revolved around them completing the task. It would be brought up here and there but never really acted on until the last couple of chapters.

I also was a bit disappointed there was no epilogue. I would of loved to have one and I think it would of just added a little something extra to the story, plus I would of loved to have some conformation on some relationships that happened in the book.

Overall this was a solid book and I thought the concept was really interesting!

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