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Tweet Cute|ARC Review

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Title: Tweet Cute45045129.jpg

Author: Emma Lord

Publication Date: January 21, 2020

Rating: ★.5

Synopsis: Meet Pepper, swim team captain, chronic overachiever, and all-around perfectionist. Her family may be falling apart, but their massive fast-food chain is booming ― mainly thanks to Pepper, who is barely managing to juggle real life while secretly running Big League Burger’s massive Twitter account.

Enter Jack, class clown and constant thorn in Pepper’s side. When he isn’t trying to duck out of his obscenely popular twin’s shadow, he’s busy working in his family’s deli. His relationship with the business that holds his future might be love/hate, but when Big League Burger steals his grandma’s iconic grilled cheese recipe, he’ll do whatever it takes to take them down, one tweet at a time.

All’s fair in love and cheese ― that is, until Pepper and Jack’s spat turns into a viral Twitter war. Little do they know, while they’re publicly duking it out with snarky memes and retweet battles, they’re also falling for each other in real life ― on an anonymous chat app Jack built.

As their relationship deepens and their online shenanigans escalate ― people on the internet are shipping them?? ― their battle gets more and more personal, until even these two rivals can’t ignore they were destined for the most unexpected, awkward, all-the-feels romance that neither of them expected.

Disclaimer: I did not receive this book from a publisher, I won it from my library

Spoiler Free Review

Tweet cute is a lighthearted and easy to read contemporary. It follows Pepper who’s family owns the burger chain Big League Burger. Her job is to run the twitter account, even though her mom fired someone for it, but she does it begrudgingly. Then there is Jack who’s family owns a family deli shop. Behind his dad’s back, along with his brother, Jack manages the twitter account. When a grilled cheese recipe gets thrown into the mix, the two teens find themselves locked into a twitter battle.

Pepper and Jack were both enjoyable characters. Pepper lives with her mom in their apartment. She splits her time between school, swimming, and running the twitter account. While Pepper and her sister may not be living together, they share a love of baking and both run a baking blog. Though baking doesn’t play a huge part in the book, it was a nice aspect of Pepper’s character. Pepper is also on the school’s swim team and again, this doesn’t play a huge part in the book but I liked it because I am a swimmer and it was cool to relate to Pepper in that way. Pepper’s mom owns the chain restaurant Big League Burger. And though someone is hired to run the twitter account, her mom often pushes it onto Pepper because she is “better at it.” The pushing from her mother to do this starts to get into the way of her academics, especially when the twitter battle comes into play. Pepper finds solstice from this in two ways: baking, and talking online with a mystery person nicknamed Wolf.

The stress caused by the pressure to run the twitter account to me felt like a bit of a subplot(this might not even be the best word to describe it but its all I can think of)(okay maybe not subplot but more like character plot and I am very well aware that I am making this word up, but hey, booknerds made up TBR so who says I can’t make up character plot!) , there are more things that happen in the book that create this tension between her and her mother, the root cause being the twitter. But the end result of it felt meaningful to me and I think it shows how listening and paying attention and communication are important.

Jack was a character I enjoyed. Jack has an older twin named Ethan, the golden boy, and Jack is struggling with living up to the “expectations” Ethan has set before him. Jack finds solstice in creating and developing apps. One of his most known apps(though no one knows he created it), is a school-wide used app named Weazel. And that app provides a way for him to escape because on this, he talks with someone named Bluebird.

Since Ethan is always off being the “golden boy,” Jack is always helping out in their family deli. He holds the deli very close to heart, not only because its family owned, but because who its namesake is. And when he sees that Big League Burger is stealing their famous grilled cheese recipe, he is ready to defend his family’s business in an all out twitter war. I loved seeing how much family and the family business meant to Jack, it was one of the reasons I enjoyed him as a character so much.

Something I was a little disappointed in when I started reading this book was the absence of my favorite trope, hate to love. I went into this book with the expectation that it was going to have the hate to love trope, sadly it didn’t. Luckily though, the false expectations didn’t ruin this book for me because it had another trope I like. I do not know the name of this trope but I describe it as the under the nose online friend trope(if you know the actual name of this please comment it letting me know!). So while I was disappointed it wasn’t a hate to love book, it didn’t ruin my enjoyment of reading the book!

Overall I really enjoyed this book and I cannot wait for everyone else to be able to read it! If you are looking for a cute and funny contemporary read, look no farther because this is the book for you!

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