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Top Ten Tuesday|Character Traits I Love

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Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018.

There are always certain traits the characters have that we love, here are my favorite traits that I like to see in a character…

1) Sarcastic/Witty

I love what a character is sarcastic, I think it makes the book more funny and its always fun to see what the character is going to say next because I feel like with sarcastic characters everything they say can be a surprise aha

2) Brave

I love me some brave characters who aren’t afraid of the consequences and do what is right

3) Nerdy

I love when a character is a bit nerdy aha, I tend to relate more to those characters so I always love when a character is a little nerdy

4) Deceitful

I think characters who are deceitful give the book a little something extra because you aren’t really sure what they are going to do or who they are going to betray and what those actions will befall. I feel like deceitful characters always provide a good plot twist too.

5) Grumpy

I find grumpy characters to be funny which is mainly the only reason I love this trait. Unless they are solely grumpy then I find it a bit annoying but if they are grumpy a little under half of the time then I find it a bit amusing

6) Adventurous

Its always fun to read about an adventurous character and travel along with them in their adventures!

7) Loyal

I love it when a character is loyal to their friends and all those who matter and I think its just so awesome to see how much they care for those people and the things they are willing to go through and do for those characters(which ends up hearing my heart sometimes).

8) Suave

I seriously just fall in love with almost to all characters who have this character trait. It’s like I’m introduced to a character who has this trait and instead of love at first sight its love at first trait aha(I have no idea if that makes sense I just hope it really does lol).

9) Arrogant

I do not like when characters are so arrogant that it is really annoying. I like characters that are like a medium amount of arrogance, like Jace, I think he has a good amount of arrogance like its not so much its annoying but its not so little that its hardly there.

10) Funny

There is nothing like a funny and jokester of a character to lighten the mood of the book and provide a good laugh.

What are your favorite traits to see in a character?

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