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The Revolution of Birdie Randolph|ARC Review

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38097294.jpgTitle: The Revolution of Birdie Randolph

Author: Brandy Colbert

Pages: 336

Publish Date: 8/20/19

Rating: ★.75

Synopsis: Dove “Birdie” Randolph works hard to be the perfect daughter and follow the path her parents have laid out for her: She quit playing her beloved soccer, she keeps her nose buried in textbooks, and she’s on track to finish high school at the top of her class. But then Birdie falls hard for Booker, a sweet boy with a troubled past…whom she knows her parents will never approve of.

When her estranged aunt Carlene returns to Chicago and moves into the family’s apartment above their hair salon, Birdie notices the tension building at home. Carlene is sweet, friendly, and open-minded–she’s also spent decades in and out of treatment facilities for addiction. As Birdie becomes closer to both Booker and Carlene, she yearns to spread her wings. But when long-buried secrets rise to the surface, everything she’s known to be true is turned upside down.

Spoiler Free Review


I really enjoyed this book. On the surface this seems like a normal YA young love kind of story. But this book includes much more than that. I liked how all the characters are developed, even the background characters and it was really nice to see. I enjoyed the writing style of the author and it fitted the style of book this was. I feel like some author’s writing doesn’t fit the story/genre of the book but this did(I hope this makes sense lol). I flew right through this book and it was such an enjoyable and easy read.


Dove/Birdie. Dove lives with the expectations of her mother weighing down on her. She feels this pressure to do good, always be perfect, and ace all her classes. Not only does she live with the expectations her mother has of her, she also has her sisters footsteps to follow in. But in this book, Dove is starting to find her footing and her voice and discover what she wants. It was really cool to see this transformation through the book. Birdie is a relatable character and that made her a more appealing main character. She makes mistakes that I’m sure many teens have made before and just who she is and how she acts just makes her a character I’m sure people can relate to.

In this book there are many background characters and what was nice was the fact that all these characters felt well developed. Some background characters were more rounded out than others but overall I got the feeling that Colbert thought out all of her characters, background and main.


I really liked Colbert’s writing style. I think part of why I enjoyed this story so much was because of how it was written. It was such a well written coming of age story and it just made the story more enjoyable. I felt that Colbert’s writing style was descriptive but it wasn’t overly descriptive which was nice and something that I appreciated. The pacing of the story was also nice because it wasn’t super fast nor was it super duper slow. The pacing was a nice leisurely pace which fitted the story.


This is a coming of age story so with these I feel like there really isn’t much of a solid plot line . Like yes there is a plot but its not like with Harry Potter where the main plot is stopping Voldemort. Anyways I’m getting a little off topic. I would guess the main plot of this story is Birdie and how she is living with all these expectations of her and then her aunt Carlene comes in and shakes things up a bit. This book touched topic on a few different issues, some in more details than others. It was a good balance and because of this the plot didn’t feel that cluttered. There are two main themes in this book and to me, those two themes are family and expectations.

Family I feel like is a main theme of this book because in the beginning we are introduced the character Aunt Carlene. Carlene is an addict but when we meet her she is out of rehab and is recovering. Right off the bat we can see there is tension in the family with her arrival and this creates a sort of dynamic in the family along with the plot. Throughout the story we see the theme of family and its importance play out and get tested and I feel like you don’t see that in many YA books.

Expectations is the second main theme of the story because Birdie’s mom has all these expectations for Birdie to follow through with. And in this book we see Birdie struggle with what to do and how to act at times because of these expectations. And these expectations sort of play into who Birdie is as a character and her braking out of these expectations is the coming of age part of this story.

Aside from themes, this book had some plot twists that had me shook aha. One of the things that happened I was able to predict because the foreshadowing that was included was a little obvious at least to me. However the second bomb that was dropped just came out of nowhere. I was not a fan of it and to me, it didn’t really make sense and is a little gross but it had me going what the actual heck. These two twists provided a good little shakeup to the plot and while I don’t think it added a whole lot to the plot, it helped with clarification.


I didn’t like the ending very much. It wasn’t a necessarily bad ending but I just didn’t like how it was wrapped up. I think the ending could of been wrapped up in a more clarifying way and with more reassurance than what was giving.

Final Thoughts

Overall I super duper enjoyed this book. I loved the story and the message it told. The characters were so well developed and though out. The twists in this book are just woahhh. I hope when this book comes out that you all give it a read but in the mean time, add this book to your TBR!



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