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The Devil’s Arithmetic|Book Review

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91357.jpgTitle: The Devil’s Arithmetic

Author: Jane Yolen

Pages: 170


Synopsis: Hannah thinks tonight Passover Seder will be the same as always. But this year she will be mysteriously transported into the past. Only she knows the horrors that await.

Non-Spoiler Review

Overview Thought

The only main reason I wanted to pick this book up was because it won the National Jewish Book Award. I’m glad I did decide to pick it up though because it was a very good and emotional book. This book definitely hit me and it just made my heart feel sad.


Hannah. Hannah is the main character and she was a good main character. I don’t think she was anything special nor did she really stand out but I didn’t dislike her. For a young kid she has to go through some traumatic things and some of these things broke me. I mean for a kid to witness and go through the things she did made me so sad.


I liked the plot of this book and the point it wants to get across. I wish this book was  a little longer because I think it would of maybe delivered a bigger impact on the readers if it was longer. I also wish it was more descriptive of Hannah’s surroundings because I think it would of provided a bigger impact for the reader and help deliver what this book is trying to get across in a more substantial way.


One thing I didn’t like about this book was Hannah and how she was after the end of the book. I felt like that after all she went through and witnessed she would of been a little more scarred. But after everything it seemed like the way she acted nothing happened and she never went through anything she went through. I also felt like during the book I wish we could of gotten more of Hannah and her thoughts and how she was coping with everything because I felt like we didn’t get that. I felt like we didn’t get much insight on her thoughts and how she was reacting to everything and I wish we could of. I just felt like we got a very one level view of this book and what was happening to Hannah and I wish we could of gotten to see one or two more views. I think if we got to see more than the one level provided for us it this book would of provided a much bigger punch and leave a bigger impact on the reader.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this book. It was a bit of an emotional read for me and I just like what this book and the message it has hopes to get across to the readers. I think if you have the time to read it I think it is worth it. It isn’t a book that will leave a huge impact on people sort of like The Book Thief or The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas but I do think its worth a read.

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