Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday|Books I Refuse To Let Anyone Touch

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018.

So like all my books? I mean I don’t really let anyone touch any of my books unless I know they know how to treat a book. But I guess for the sake of this I will choose ten books aha.

City of Bones 10th Anniversary Edition

This book is just so pretty and I couldn’t forgive myself if I let someone untrained in how to treat a book slip through its pages and harmed it in some way. Plus I wouldn’t want them to get it dirty because it is such a pretty book

Throne of Glass Collectors Edition

Another collectors edition because collector editions are just so pretty. I really love this edition because it comes in a pretty case and also the book itself is so pretty. Definitely wouldn’t want anyone to touch it and accidentally do something to it

The Book Thief Signed Edition

The book thief is one of my favorite books and I was so happy when I was able to find a signed copy of it. If my house was burning and I only had like a chance to pick one book to save, I would go with this book. This book just means a lot to me and I really love my signed copy of it

The First Rule by Robert Crais

I mean there really isn’t anything special about this book. Its just a regular, sort of beat up hardcover edition of the book. But it was once my grandpas. I don’t know if he read it but the fact that it used to be his just makes it special to me.

My Hardback Set of Dan Brown Books

I have so many different versions of Dan Brown books. Some are in worse conditions than others and if anyone wants to read or touch those I don’t really care. But come near my very nice set of hardcover version of these and you’ll be met with a very different reaction. I mean in reality there is nothing special about these books but I just love them because I love the author and the books a ton

My Paperbacks

Okay I don’t really care if people touch them as long as they do it CAREFULLY this is more of I don’t want them to read but also touch falls under the category. The only main reason for this is because paperbacks are easily damageable, more so than hardbacks which is why I don’t like anyone reading them and touching but thats not as big as a deal as reading them

The Bad Beginning Signed Edition

I have loved The Series of Unfortunate Events for a good portion of my life and it definitely takes the place for favorite childhood series. So when I got the chance to meet Dan Handler or as he is also known as Lemony Snicket I was beyond happy and it felt like a childhood dream come true. So the signed copy I have of The Bad Beginning holds near and dear to my heart

Books That Are Already Slightly Damaged

I mean, why would I want people to damage them even more. If they are really damaged then I don’t care. But if they are only damaged a small amount then I don’t want anyone touching them in fear of making the books worse.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Chinese Edition

While my Grandparents were away in China, I asked them to find me a Harry Potter book in Chinese and they did! I don’t want anyone touching it because if something happens to it the only way I could get another is online but then it isn’t special like getting it from China

All My Books

Is this cheating? Maybe. But I truly don’t want anyone touching my books. I mean my books are my babies and I don’t really trust anyone else to hold them unless I know they know how to handle a book.

Whats a book you don’t let anyone touch?


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