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The Count of Monte Cristo|Book Review


7126.jpgTitle: The Count of Monte Cristo

Author: Alexandre Dumas

Pages: 1276


Synopsis: In 1815 Edmond Dantès, a young and successful merchant sailor who has just recently been granted the succession of his erstwhile captain Leclère, returns to Marseille to marry his Catalan fiancée Mercédès. Thrown in prison for a crime he has not committed, Edmond Dantès is confined to the grim fortress of If. There he learns of a great hoard of treasure hidden on the Isle of Monte Cristo and he becomes determined not only to escape, but also to unearth the treasure and use it to plot the destruction of the three men responsible for his incarceration.

Note: This is a very dense book and I still can’t quite wrap my head around it. I apologize in advance if my thoughts are a bit scatterbrained.

Non-Spoiler Review

Overview Thoughts

I have been wanting to read this book for about 5 years but because of its size I’ve been a bit intimidated by it. But for my english class my teacher handed out the book and said we could read it. Now it wasn’t mandatory but I thought that this was a sign to finally read the book. I think I was the only one in the whole class that was excited to read it. This book is about revenge and love. There are so many pages in this book and so much confined in those pages. Throughout the book I often found myself bored and confused as to why these parts are necessary. But by the end of the book everything was placed together and all that I thought that was unimportant, was important. I am so glad I didn’t give up with this book and ended up sticking through it because watching Edmond plan and execute his plans was truly quite exciting.


There are so many characters in this book that I am only going to talk about one character, Edmond Dantés. Edmond Dantés has quite a character growth.Before he enters the prison he lives life by a traditional code of ethics, he is good, loving, and honest. But when he enters the prison he undergoes this change and exists a new man. His heart is consumed by vengeance and bitterness and he loses the capacity to feel any emotion that isn’t hatred. He believes that it is G-ds right that he carries out his revenge on those who imprisoned him no matter the cost and I do believe this impacts him as a character. We see as the book progresses that Edmond starts to question if it really is G-ds will.  Throughout this book Edmond’s mind and how he is able to perceive and set in motion amazes me. The plot on which to cause destruction on the three that incarcerated him is quite unbelievable and though it is coming from Edmond since he is the character, it amazes me how the author came up with it all. Edmond is such a complex character and theres so many layers to him that as you read the book you get to see these layers of him. One thing I found a bit I guess chilling is the ease in which Edmond can put on a mask. Throughout the book Edmond takes on these new personas and he does it with such ease. One moment he is the count and the next he isn’t and he so quickly composes himself in this new alias.


Where do I even begin with the writing. I can really only describe it as magnificent. The writing was complex and beautifully written.  I mean Dumas wrote about a telegram machine for about 15 lines. 15 LINES!! Like I don’t even know if I could describe anything for 15 lines. And the way he has these characters talk. I mean I don’t think anyone would ever talk like that but they talk so elegant at times and so complex. Have I mentioned how this book is beautifully written?? I’m honestly having some trouble putting more thoughts I have on the writing in words but just trust me on this, the writing is truly amazing.


Like the rest of this review, where do I begin. First there is the main plot. Edmond seeks revenge on those who wrongfully convicted him. But within that plot there are different subplots. At first there were characters introduced and you(at least I did) question what even is the point of all these chapters about these people and why do I need to read this story about this person. But as you continue to read the book you realize how these people or person are important to the plot. Each character is so intricately woven into the plot and its kind of crazy in my opinion how they all work and fit. When you read the book little conversations and events happen that you don’t really think matter. But when you finish the book you will start to remember all these little events and conversations and start to put together how it played a part in the end result. I mean when I finished the book I analyzed every interaction every character had and every conversation they had that I could remember and theorized on how they, if they even, played a part on the end result of the book. Its just crazy to me honestly on how the author thought of everything and how he wove it so intricately. I mean everything that seem unimportant at first, in the end, isn’t.

Final Thoughts

This book just blew my mind. Everything was so amazingly written and all the characters had so many levels to them it was crazy. Not only did the main character have multiple levels, but the side characters had just as much, maybe a little less, levels to them. And the plot was so wonderfully woven together its crazy how everything played a part to the end of the book. And the symbolic parts in this book blew my mind to smithereens. Overall this is an amazing book and I’m so glad I stuck through it. Though the pages are a huge amount, I urge everyone to read it, and not the abridged version because from what I’ve heard it is no where near the same.


14 thoughts on “The Count of Monte Cristo|Book Review”

  1. Loved this! The Count of Monte Cristo has been on my TBR for years upon years. I might just have to pick it up this year

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      1. I will! It will probably won’t be until further in the year as I have a ton to get through on my list right now.

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