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I Spy the Boy Next Door|ARC Review


43724738.jpgTitle: I Spy the Boy Next Door

Author: Samantha Armstrong


Publishing Date: May 25 2019

Synopsis: Four p.m. spy sessions are the highlight of Mallory Taylor’s day. Observing the boy next door—one with a body and an attitude to match—has her perched beside her window so often it can’t be healthy.

When she finally convinces her mom to let her go to public school, Mallory comes face to face with her neighbor, Troy Parker. And he makes it clear he wants nothing to do with her. His rejection awakens a newfound tenacity and maybe even a touch of recklessness. But when Troy starts to show up when she needs him the most, Mallory can’t help but wonder if there’s more to him than he’s let on.

Taking chances, breaking rules, and following her heart is all new to Mallory. And no one warned her just how fickle hearts can be. When she discovers that Troy isn’t at all the guy she imagined him to be, secrets rise to the surface that will change her life forever.

*This is a standalone mature YA/new adult contemporary romance.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book to review but all thoughts are my own.

Non-Spoiler Review

Overview Thoughts

The bad boy next door is a cliché that I really love so I enjoyed this book. I quickly fell in love with Troy and even more so when the story progressed. At first this story seems like the chliché bad boy next door wattled story. But oh it is not. At the end this book takes a twist and I did not see coming. And it just keep piling on the twists and I couldn’t stop reading.


Mallory. I liked Mallory, she was an enjoyable main character. Mallory has lived a pretty shelter life due to a kidnapping incident when she was younger. Her only real friend in the beginning is a girl named Nic who she’s never met. Though their relationship is mostly seen through their emails, I really liked their friendship and I can tell how real their friendship is even though they’ve never met in person. Mallory throughout the book sort of sheds a layer of herself and she becomes this new confident person. Mallory suffers panic attacks and though they have gotten better, she still gets them from time to time. But we see toward the end of the book that she doesn’t really stop getting them altogether but I do feel like they happen a lot less then the beginning of the book. And I think that is because she has a certain someone in her life that she is able to really become more confident.

Troy. Helloooooo Troy😍😂. Troy is probably the character that pops in your head when you think of a cliché bad boy. Tattoos? Check. Motorcycle? Check. Underground boxing? Check. Moody hot and cold attitude? Check. But that didn’t stop me from loving him. Toward the middle and end when he started showing his softer side I was like yesssss!! I loved seeing this whole other side of him. But there was one thing he continuously did that I just found really creepy and if someone did that with me, despite the fact that I liked them, I would seriously get mad at them.

Mallory’s Parents. Just a quick little appreciation for her parents. Mallory’s parents love her so much and I love how much they care for her. I love when a book has such loving parents. Though they are a tad overprotective, it all comes from a place of love and wanting their daughter to be safe. Mallory has got some A+ parents!

The Plot

At the beginning this book seems like your typical YA romance book. But then BAM! plot twist hits you out of nowhere and the book takes a turn for the better. I didn’t want to put the book down because I just wanted to see what else was going to happen. I liked that it took a twist and just didn’t end up exactly how one would think it would end up. However I realized there is a slight plot hole. We learn information about a character and who they are. But there isn’t an explanation to how this person is who they are. And on top of that it just overall doesn’t make sense when you factor in the other information that is tied to this person.

Final Thoughts

This was an enjoyable read. I liked all the characters(but most of all Troy aha) and liked seeing them in different aspects throughout the book. The plot was enjoyable and I really liked all the twists that popped up in the book. Overall this was a solid read.

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