Bloggers Recognition Award


Thank you Whatsinmywonderland for nominating me!!

Why I Started Blogging

So I started a bookstagram about two years back. Upon discovering accounts I noticed that people posted book reviews to their blog and just had a blog overall. And I thought to myself, well I want to try that. So I created my blog! Well lets just say the first time around didn’t go so well. I’m pretty sure the only posts I had up were my introduction post and pictures from my trip to New York. Pretty soon I forgot about my blog and I sort of just fell out of it. Now onto round two. I remember I have a blog and I want to start it up again. I don’t really remember how many blog posts I made this time around but again, I fell out of it. So about a year passes and I’m starting to I guess find my footing in the community and real get the hang of running my account and I getting more involved in the community. And I realize I want to start my blog up back again. And so I do. And this time I stick to it! I’ve really come to love blogging and writing book reviews. Its a nice way for me to really finalize my thoughts on a book. It’s also got me thinking more about a book, its plot, its character and even the writing of the author because before I didn’t do that. I used to just sort of read a book without really thinking about it and now that I have a blog in which I post book reviews, I am now thinking about the book and what makes up this book.

Advice for New Bloggers

  • Okay so first of all, do not worry about how many views you get and stuff too much. If you worry too much about how your stats are and you put out content just to help your stats you’ll start to feel a sort of disconnect from your blog. Your blog should be about what you love and you should write about what you like to do beceause then it will be more enjoyable.
  • If a post/segment you do on your blog doesn’t get a ton of views, likes, and comments, don’t stop doing it because of that. I do month wrap-ups on my blog and they don’t do as well as some of my other posts but I still do them because I like to do them. Stop doing something because you want to stop doing it, because you don’t feel connected to it. Don’t stop doing something because it isn’t doing so well on the view factor.

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5 thoughts on “Bloggers Recognition Award”

  1. I started a blog about 2yrs ago as well and was loving posting on it, then I fell out of it. When I joined the bookstagram community, I thought “why not get a blog so I can geek out on bookish stuff” here I am today, loving every second of it!

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