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I was tagged by Joanna to do this tag! Thank you Joanna for tagging me to do this tag! And thank you GoodeyReads for making this tag!


Thank the person who tagged you

Link back and credit the original creator

Answer book questions about yourself

Answer other questions about yourself

Change last 5 questions when you tag someone else(if you want!- the more random the better)

Tag at least 3 people

Have fun

A Book About Where You’re From(City, State, Country- your choice)

Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli is based in the United States!

A Book About Your favorite Non-Bookish Hobby

Um, I don’t really have one for this because I am unaware of a book based around swimming.

A Book About A Fear Of Yours

Oh gosh umm, lets see. Honestly any type of book where a person gets murdred/killed young because that is a fear of mine, dying young.

A Book About Something That Brings You Joy

This is more of a screenplay but Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, all the magical creatures just make me so happy and I find them all so cute

A Book About Your Career/What You’re Studying In School

Stalking Jack The Ripper is the one I choose for this because I want to become a medical examiner and both the main characters are also studying to be this

What Job Would You Be Terrible Doing

Anything with math, umm maybe a cop because I could not deal with being shot out, like serious props to cops and being able to deal with being shot at

What’s A Subject You Wish You Knew More About

Ummmmmm, maybe European monarchs because I love learning about them

In Your Opinion, What Is The Best Day On The Calendar And Why

I’m going with my birthday because it was the day I was born into existence

What Is The Craziest Item You Spend Way Too Much On

Um all the money I’ve spent on books is kind of crazy but I’m not sure if I would categorize them under a crazy item but hm, maybe my giant niffler funko

What Is A Quirky Thing You Do

Um lets see, I’m sure there are many quirky things I do but nothing is coming to mind right now. Sometimes I clasp my hands together and sort of hold them against my neck I don’t really know how to describe it aha😅

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