Seven Things I Like In A Book|Book Tag

I was tagged by Georgia(whatsinmywonderland) to share 7 things that I like in a book

1) Pretty Chapter Headers

I loooooooove it when books have pretty chapter headers. The Wicked King has some A+ chapter headers along with Ever the Brave!

2) Maps

I mean, who doesn’t love a good map. I love being able to see where the character(s) are and how far they are traveling and whatnot. Plus they are always really pretty, like is there even a book that doesn’t have a pretty map??

3) Strong Friendships

I love when characters have a strong friendship. I feel like for some books, the parts that make me laugh the most are when the main character is interacting with their friend(s). The friend group in Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda is one of my favorites!

4) Good Family Relationship

I love a book where the character has a good relationship with their family. I feel like a a good amount of YA books don’t have the good family relationship and its refreshing to see a book have it.

5) Art

I absolutely looove it when a book has art included in it. Sometimes(okay most of the time) I suck a picturing characters in my head so having art included in the book and seeing someone else interpretation of the characters just helps me. Plus it adds a little something extra to the book

6) Epilogues

I am a big fan of epilogues. I love getting just a little bit more of the characters before I end the book and seeing what they are up to and where they are in the future. Plus they prolong the book so yay for that!

7) Deckled Edges

Okay technically this isn’t really in a book its something a book has but we are just gonna let it slide. Deckled edges I feel like you either hate them or love them and I am on the love them side. I love how they make a book look like a book from the olden days(in my opinion). I also love running my thumb over them and how they feel. Plus I think they just look nice and give the book a little something more.

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