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Hey guys, Friday Favorites is hosted by Kibby who started this tag at Something of the Book. And this tag is just a fun way to share some of your favorite things every Friday 🙂

Plot twists. I feel like we have a love to hate relationship with plot twists because sometimes they can be amazing twists and then other times they have us screaming and crying and even left on a cliffhanger at times. There are so many books out there that have plot twists out there. But in my opinion, I feel like mystery/thriller books contain the best plot twists. Now I haven’t read a ton of mystery/thriller books but I feel like I’ve read a good amount. And I feel like the Queen of plot twists in the mystery/thriller genre is none other then…

Agatha Christie

Sadly I have only read three out of her many books she’s written but these three books, the plow twists O.M.G. Overtime I think I know whats coming and who did it, Christie throws in another twist that has be rethinking everything all over again. Now I watch a ton of cop shows, so I like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at my detective skills. So every time I picked up one of Christie’s books I’m like “alright Macy, you got this, put those skills to use.” And I do. And as the information is revealed and I take into account the character actions, I believe I solved the mystery. But then Christie is like “here my readers think they guessed the murderer, well lets show them wrong and throw this in here and give them a curveball.” And she does that, she throws in a plot twists that always throws out the conclusion I made and I love that! The plot twists Christie includes in her books just add another level of mystery to her already amazing mystery and I can never wrap my head around how she comes up with the plot twists. Out of the three books I’ve read by her so far, Murder on the Orient Express has provided the most shocking plot twist(s).

So, what author includes your favorite plot twists?

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