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Friday Favorite|Albums and Songs To Not Listen To When Reading


Hey guys, Friday Favorites is hosted by Kibby who started this tag at Something of the Book. And this tag is just a fun way to share some of your favorite things every Friday 🙂

Okay so originally this is songs to listen to while reading however, all I listen to is musicals. So for me, when I listen to musicals I always have to belt out the songs and dance(unless I’m in public) and I thought I would do a spin and do songs not to listen to.

Summer Nights from Grease

“I met a girl crazy for me”

“Met a boy cute as can be”

This song just makes me want to act out all the activities they talk about like how Danny saved Sandy from drowning(I do the snorkeling dance move) and when Frenchy asks if he bought her a car(I’m 98% sure its Frenchy) and I always like to pretend I’m driving a car.

Raise You Up/Just Be from Kinky Boots

“If you hit the dust let me raise you up. When your bubble busts let me raise you up.”

If any of you out there need a good motivational song well look no further! This song has definitely lifted up my spirits one to many times and it’s honestly the best for it. It’s also a great song to sing at your loudest.

Dancing Through Life from Wicked

“Stop studying strife and learn to live, the unexamined life”

Dancing is literally in the title so how can one not dance. If there is any song to dance to, this has got to be it. I personally like to do a little ballroom dance to this song because why not.

The Land of Yesterday from Anastasia

“But I say we’re not dead now, we’re not dead now we’re in France instead now. Let us not be sad, the nights young and Russians are mad so, let’s live in the land of yesterday live in the grand imperial heyday.”

This song like omg is my new favorite song from this musical. It’s just so upbeat and so fun to sing and to dance to. It’s a really fast paced song which makes it super fun. My favorite thing to do is a rockette kick because it just fits perfectly to one section of this song. Also, the orchestra in this is just amazing.

To Life from Fiddler on The Roof

“Drink L’Chaim to life.”

I was deciding between this song and Tradition but I decided to go with this one because it’s just way more upbeat and way more fun to dance to. And this is by far one of my favorite songs to really belt out when singing and I love to like sing the melody/orchestra with this song. However if your going to listen to this song and the musical in general, I recommend listening to the 2016 Broadway cast recording because it just sounds better than the movie soundtrack and its more pleasant(for me) to listen to.

So there you have it, a small portion of my favorite songs to not read to because I’m usually singing(very off key) at the top of my lungs while dancing like crazy to them. I also highly suggest giving a listen to all these musicals if you haven’t already because they are all great!

What are some of your favorite songs to sing and dance to?

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