Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites|TV Shows to Watch When Not Reading


Hey guys, Friday Favorites is hosted by Kibby who started this tag at Something of the Book. And this tag is just a fun way to share some of your favorite things every Friday 🙂

Okay, I am excited to talk about TV shows because I watch so many and have fallen in love with so many. So! Onto what will probably be a long list of my favorite shows(these are not in any order).

The Vampire Diaries

Words cannot describe how much I love this show. I just love all the characters(well mostly all of them). Also, all the villains are pretty well done.

Greys Anatomy

This was my first doctor/medical show and I fell in love! I have to say though, the new seasons are not my favorite because I feel like they are less medical and more drama but whatever, still really love this show. Heads up, have tissues on hand when watching this series.

Blue Bloods

This is my favorite cop show like I just love it so much. The family as a whole is also amazing and this is probably my favorite TV family. I also love all the action and out of all the cop shows I’ve watched, this is the best well done(in my opinion).

Gilmore Girls

Love. Love. Love this show. The mother daughter relationship between Lorelai and Rory is my absolute favorite. Also all the like side characters are super funny and amazing

The Office

This is just a classic I feel like and a super funny show and if you haven’t watched it what are you doing, go watch it!

Hawaii Five-0

Another amazing cop show. The two main character Danny and Steve are amazing. They’re bromance is my absolute fave and keep me laughing throughout every episode.

Yummy Mummys

Yes okay, I can already feel you judging this show from the title. Okay but let me tell you, it’s completely stupid in all the best ways. Rich moms to be plus a rivalry equals amazing trashy show. If you have nothing to watch just give this show a try, you’ll thank me.

Okay, there are plenty other shows I can add to this list but I’m not going to do that. Have you seen any of these shows? What are some of your favorite shows to watch?

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