Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday|Places in Books I’d Like to Visit


Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018.


Okay, I am super pumped for this prompt like this is going to be fun!

1) Hogwarts

Okay, so I’m just going to start out with probably THE most common one okay. I mean honestly, anyone who wouldn’t want to live in the Wizarding World and go to Hogwarts seriously needs an MRI because this world is just freaking amazing.

2) Velaris

I honestly though probably shouldn’t be allowed here because I’d probably turn full stalker mode on the Inner Circle


3) Terrasen

Again, probably should’t be let here for the high chance of me going full stalker mode. I’d probably get kicked out for being so stalkery😂

4) Shadowhunter Academy

I would so love to come here. I mean I don’t think I’d make it past the first week because I hecka weak but I would love to try! Just imagine being a shadowhunter, like how freaking cool would that be and to be able to show off the cool runes. Sign me up(but just don’t question me if I happen to be missing during a battle…)!

5) Fennbirn

As long as I am not a queen, I would not mind living here. And I think I would want to be a naturalist, it just seems like they have more fun than the others.

6) Lunar

Post Lunar War I would so want to live here…I think. Aha honestly I’d just want to live here so I can stalk all the characters😂 Also, I feel like having Lunar powers can be kinda cool as long as they aren’t abused

7) Caraval

I would not want to participate no no no no no. However, I would not mind one bit being a watcher. Just being able to watch the game I feel like would be just an amazing experience on its own.

8) Ravka

I think my one goal if I were to go here would to just stare at the Grisha and watch as they do their thang. And then maybe relentlessly beg to be let inside the Palace.

9) The Night Circus

I just really want to go see this circus, that is all

10) Anywhere

Okay, maybe this is cheating, maybe not but I would honestly be beyond happy to visit any place in a book(as long as it is not in a dystopian book) because each place would be magical and I would be beyond thrilled just to be anywhere that exists in a book

So there you have it, my top ten places I would love to visit in a book! What are some of your places you would like to visit?



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