My Bookshelf|A Photo Tour

IMG_0922.jpegWe all have that one problem. The problem that keeps us up all night, wondering how we could ever fix it. Everyone says just buy another, but we all know it will never be enough. The one problem we are all dying to solve. Not having enough shelf space. We unhaul books to make room. A temporary fix. Though we stress about not enough space, we can’t help but admire all our books, lined up beside one another. As we stare at our books, we can’t help but smile. Looking at all out lovely books, we realize that not having enough space is just a small consequence of being a reader. For being able to travel to all these worlds outweighs everything.

Hello all, hope your doing well. I hope you enjoyed that little introduction thingy, I had a bit fun writing it. So I was browsing the web for some blog post ideas and on Charlotte’s page I came across some ideas and one just stuck with me. Which is: a bookshelf tour. I thought this just sounded fun and I wanted to do it. So thats what I’m doing, giving you a tour of my bookshelf 🙂

So I have three bookshelves in total. Now since I don’t want this to be a super long post, I’m going to do just one of my shelves.  So without further ado, here is a tour of 1 out of 3 of my bookshelves.

My Shelf

So here is a full picture of my shelf:


So I’m a little weird and order my books from right to left instead of left to right. I do this though because when I go to look at my shelves, I start on the right shelf which is the one pictured and then will move to my left shelf. I organize all my shelves hardback to paperback and then within each shelf, I order it by height. The only exception to this are my three author shelves. Okay, so now I shall take you on a tour of my bookshelf, shelf by shelf.

Top Shelves



So here we have all of my taller hardbacks. Tall hardbacks are such a problem for me because I do not like it when I have a tall hardback and then what I consider a normal hardback next to it because the extreme height difference bothers me so much. So I always try and get all the tall hardbacks next to each other. To accompany the books, I have a few funko pops. So There’s my Kaz pop I got from DustandPages and my Tenth Doctor one along with a candle from Bed Bath and Body Works. And then on the second shelf I have a My Little Pony figure of the Doctor pony and to accompany him is the Ninth Doctor.

Middle Shelves



Here we have one normal shelf and an author shelf! So the first shelf is just a shelf of series. Don’t know what I’m going to do when Defy Me comes out but I’ll figure it out when the time comes. On this shelf is a Snow White funko and a Weeping Angel funko(careful, don’t blink). Next to this shelf is my Harry Potter shelf! This is by far my fullest shelf in the non-books department(like funk and candles etc.) pretty soon I’m going have to start putting some pops on other shelves. So behind all the many funkos, there is a chocolate frog box container and a golden snitch. Behind Hagrid I have my Fantastic Beasts screenplays.

Middle Shelves #2


(please excuse the string in this photo, its from my HP shelf)


Once again we have one normal shelf and then another author shelf! So first is my Cassandra Clare shelf. It is packed, I knowwww. Honestly I have no idea what I’m going to do with all the new Shadowhunter books coming out this year. There isn’t so much on this shelf besides two candles that smell amazingggg, matches that were included in a Fairyloot box, my angelic rune necklace, some little booklet, and then rune tattoos. Next to this shelf is my last hardcover shelf. So I split my shelves as evenly as I could between my two main shelves and this hardback shelf is the last one. So if I pictured my two shelves side by side, next to this shelf you would see shelves full of paperback books. On this shelf I have my River Song funko pop and my Edward and Bella candle that was included in a Fairyloot box.

Bottom Shelves



Here we have two paperback shelves. First I have my Meyer and Bardugo shelf. I have two Grishaverse candles and some shea butter thing that smells super good. And then on the Marissa Meyer side of this shelf I have my Lunar Chronicles inspired candle that was included in an Owlcrate box. Next to this shelf is what I consider my mitchmatched paperback shelf. This is my least favorite shelf everrr, I just really don’t like how it looks mainly because theres a bunch of different sized paperbacks on here. On this shelf I have this elephant statue thing I got while in Jamaica. Then I have my Adipose funko pop which I just find super cute(plus he glows in the dark!). Then lastly I have my mug full of all my bookmarks.

So I hope you enjoyed this little photo tour of my bookshelf. I had fun putting this together so I think I might do another one of these with my second main bookshelf. Let me know if you would like to see another one of these, and how do you arrange your shelves?

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