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The Mummy|Movie Review


Tittle: The Mummy


Length: 2hr and 5 min

Release Date: 1999

Synopsis: At an archaeological dig in the ancient city of Hamunaptra, an American serving in the French Foreign Legion accidentally awakens a mummy who begins to wreck havoc as he searches for the reincarnation of his long-lost love.



I have been to Universal Studios a few times before and The Mummy is one of my favorite rides there. So when I saw the movie on Netflix I just felt that I needed to watch it. I am so glad that I decided to watch it because I really loved the movie. This movie is about a librarian named Evelyn who discovers a map with her brother Jonathan to the ancient city of Hamunptra in Egypt. With the help of a man named Rick, the three of them travel to the lost city. There they awaken a mummy who wrecks havoc while he tries to find the reincarnation of his long lost love.


This was such an enjoyable movie. It was full of action and a bit of romance. What I liked was how in the beginning there was a little background on the mummy who awakens. We get to know what he did before becoming a mummy and who he was. We also get insight on his and his love’s relationship. In the beginning as well we get a little preview on what Rick did before he met Evelyn and how he knew the ancient city, as well as another character. Although this was nice to see and get insight on, I was a bit confused on why he was there. I felt it was fine not knowing why he was there at the sight because to me it didn’t really play a big part into Rick as a character but it was still a bit annoying if I’m being honest. Other than that the movie was really enjoyable.

One thing I liked about this movie was how it had a good balance between action and nonaction. At times it would be like action action and at other times it would be just like action. There was also some comic relief spread throughout the move that had me laughing. There was this one part where the mummy kind of growled at Rick and he just growled back which made me laugh.

I enjoyed all the characters. I cared mostly for Evelyn and Rick, who were our main characters.

So that really all for the non-spoiler part. Overall I enjoyed this movie and I was excited to see that there were two other movies out so I can’t wait to watch those. So I am going to move onto the spoiler sections, if you have not seen the movie or do not care about being spoiled, then continue reading.


One of my favorite aspects of this movie was the bringing of the plagues. It was interesting to see them kind of brought to life. And it wasn’t just like one after the other. There was a plague, some time passed, and then another plague would come. So it was nice to have a little break between each plague. And when each plague came, it made the characters realize how dire the situation was and that they needed to put the mummy back in the casket. It was like the plagues were a sign that his powers were getting stronger and they needed to work faster.

So I was a little confused on why Evelyn was picked for the sacrifice. Was it because she resembled Imhotep’s love or she was just like the first girl he saw. It might of been mentioned, I feel like it was mentioned but I probably missed it. If it was not mentioned then I wish it was.

One thing I was confused by was why didn’t the Americans warn Rick and Evelyn and Jonathan not to read the book. Like I understand that they were “rivals” but if the book was so dangerous(which it is) they should of just told them. And yes, I understand that Evelyn reading from the book set up the whole movie, but I’m just saying it all could of been avoided if everyone was warned.

I was happy this movie did not really hold back on the deaths. I mean first we had the death of like the prison overseer. I’m not really sure as to why they brought him along if they killed him off so early. Maybe it was to introduce those little bugs, I’m not really sure but he was there for a solid 45 minutes I think. And then we had the deaths of the diggers that the Americans brought. I know death is not a good thing, but if I’m going to be honest, those were my favorite deaths. I just found it kind of cool and funny that they were just melted, whoever set up that booby trap was smart. So then we have the deaths of those who opened the chest, the Americans. Now when each American dies, not only does Imhotep get stronger, he takes a vase. Now it seemed that each American had a vase. What I didn’t get was how each one got one, like last time I saw them was they were all together, I don’t recall them getting split up. Not that it was a big deal, I was just like “oh, when did those get split up?”

So on the Mummy ride at Universal Studios, there is a part where bugs will show on the screen and then they do this weird thing to make them feel like they are crawling all over you. I was so happy to finally understand that part of the ride. There are a few scenes in the movie where these bugs(I’m blanking on the name sorry) will crawl all over you and basically like eat you alive. And when I saw that I was like “ohh, I get it now.” Okay also, when the bugs crawled inside of the characters, yuck. I found that really gross.

So overall this was such a good movie and it’s definitely making its way on my favorite movie list. I loved the characters and all the action, along with the comedy. I cannot wait to see the rest of the Mummy movies!



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