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Salvage Rat



Title: Salvage Rat


Author: Larry N. Martin

Pages: 314

Synopsis: Star Force pilot and hero Wyatt McCoy left his medals and career behind after the Rim Wars, disillusioned and bitter when he learns the truths behind the conflict. He takes his converted gunship, the Nellie B, and heads to the Near Fringe, salvaging derelict ships and abandoned stations and mining colonies. Dr. Beth Parker is a space archeologist, documenting the history of planetary expansion and colonization for Kalok Enterprises and the Interplanetary Mining Guild. A piece of alien technology embeds itself in Beth’s arm, giving her the ability to see the energy impressions of long ago people and events. When Beth uncovers proof of genocide that could bring down the big mining companies, she’s the target of assassins. Wyatt makes a split-second decision to intervene, launching them both into a high-stakes cat-and-mouse game with some of the most powerful organizations in the system. They can prove Kalok and Interplan killed millions—but can they live long enough to tell their story?


Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book for a review. However all thoughts are my own.

Non-Spoiler Review

This book is about two characters. We have Wyatt who is surviving post-war and Beth who is this an academic. One day Beth stumbles onto some information that people in high places want buried. While on the run, Beth runs into Wyatt. There the two of them decide to find more information, expanding on what Beth found while getting into some trouble themselves. I really enjoyed this book. It was full of action which made for a quick read. Though it wasn’t necessarily the best sci-fi book, it was still enjoyable.

What I really liked about this book was the characters. I really liked Wyatt. His relationship with his ship Nillie B was quite funny and cute. He was definitely a bit arrogant at times but I felt it just added to his character. While I didn’t like Beth as much as Wyatt, she was an enjoyable character. I liked how she had a sharp tongue and was fierce. What I throughly enjoyed was the little banter between the two. It was fun to read about and made me laugh.

This book was just full. of. action and it was awesome. In the month of January I read mostly slow paced book except for one or two, so it was really nice to have a change of pace. It felt like every chapter had some sort of action. I feel like with the amount of action that was included it should of been too much, but it didn’t feel like that. In a weird way it felt like just the right amount of action, not to little and not to much.

So Beth has this mysterious alien technology implanted in her. With this she sometimes gets these “visions.” I thought this was a cool addition to the story. Not only do Wyatt and Beth have to deal with this big corporation hunting them down, but Beth has the additional challenge of dealing with this mysterious technology.

My one main issue with the book is the ending. To my knowledge this is just a stand alone book. The ending however, contradicts that. The ending of this book is an ending with a sequel coming out. It just felt incomplete and unfinished, like it left off on a thought. It left me wanting more from the story and from the ending as a whole. The whole plot never felt resolved as it should of been, though in a way it was, it didn’t feel like it.

Another issue I had was the starting of some chapters. In previous chapters, things would be discussed of what is coming or what could be happening soon. And then the next chapter picks up like in the middle of the battle. There really was no bridge between the discussion to the action so the flow felt a little wonky.

The world building also fell a little flat. I feel like it could of been developed even further than it was and it would of made this story all the better. At times I was a little confused on where Wyatt and Beth were and how they got there and how far everything is. The whole government system and how they got to space wasn’t clear to me.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. It was such an enjoyable quick read and at sometimes I just couldn’t put it down.

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